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Harness your Brand’s Potential

Launch X Marketing (or LXM) is a project-based web development, SEO, and branding firm.

Provide your requirements and your vision. Leave the planning and execution to us; Launch X is your mission control. Let's talk!

100+ Customers

Web Development

Explore the customizable website development and applications services we offer.

Mobile Apps

Push new marketing campaigns and ensure retention through your own customized mobile app.


Our keyboard warriors understand optimizing websites inside and out.


Every impression of your business upon a new visitor should remain as strong as the first impression.

Softwares we use

Whether its with a company website with WordPress or a Saas product made with MERN stack, we have the capability to produce industry competitive work.

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Make Only the Best Impressions

By development, we mean fundamentals and building the foundation—where your business or brand will live — through Web Development, Ecommerce, or Web Apps. Your business can benefit from a solid foundation to achieve growth, compared to a generic, limited website. LXM has years of experience in WordPress, Shopify, React JS, React Native, Flutter, Firebase, and more.


App Store Ready

What new heights could you business reach with your own customized iOS/Android application? Whether you market products or services, giving your customers convenient access to you is a smart move. Put your business’ name in the hands of customers on the go. We specialize in Flutter, React Native, Swift, and more.


Expand your Digital Footprint

With your business’ foundation stabilized, the more noise you generate, the more sales you’ll close. And yes, it is mostly definitely a numbers game. The louder the noise, the more eyes and ears you’ll attract in our age of information and attention. Proper SEO/SEM, social ads, and growth consulting from Launch X will attract the attention your brand deserves.


Excel at Every Glance

One critical element of any brand is ensuring all your media is well-received by potential customers. It’s our place to make sure the colors, the feel, and the voice behind your business are united on all fronts and across digital media. Depending on your current stage of development, LXM can establish or upgrade  your branding and design. Our designers have over a decade of experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Figma, and more.

Why Work With Us?

A Long Time Comin’

Our team has over two decades of passionately learning and intimately working with code, databases, colors, pixels, keywords, vectors, and beyond.

A Love for Creation

We love to create and get creative within the parameters our clients provide. A brand launch or business achieving new goals fuels the fire within us.

Flexible and Efficient

Being project-based ensures both parties understand the timeframe, delivery, and expectations. We don’t start until you say GO.

Let’s Ignite your Business