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Social media management

Through Launch X Marketing, social media management encompasses all aspects of your social channels from content creation (not curation) to messaging.

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Social Media Ads

Not every audiences are alike. Some demographics live and thrive on social media; therefore, the ads must be targeted to the right platforms in the right way.

Our ads team are well versed in creating, posting, and managing ads across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Social Posts and Engagement

Part of our experience stems for graphic design and content writing.

Those minds go behind social post creation (not just curation) and working to engage with your customers on the platforms where your brand lives.

Build Followers

The goal is not just sheer numbers of followers. Our goal is to have your audience be quality followers.

  • Let our social media managers handle the tedious work of social altogether so you can handle business offline
  • Covers all major social media platforms