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Paid Ads Management

The nitty-gritty of marketing, paid ads can be time consuming to create, manage, and optimize as products and campaigns change.

Let Launch X Marketing handle the heavy lifting of managing your paid ads, providing metrics that place you in the big leagues.

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Google Ads

In today’s competitive digital landscape, it’s essential you are running some sort of ads on a major platform like Google or YouTube.

Our team will consult with you, learn all the ins and outs of your business, and provide the best route to go for ads to scale up your brand.

Meta Ads

Interested in targeting a different audience segment than Google and YouTube users?

We are also well versed in running ads campaigns across Meta, namely Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn Ads

We all know LinkedIn, a much more mature platform compared to Instagram, for example. Not every desired customer is on every platform.

Therefore, the LXM team can also utilize LinkedIn as another option for ads campaigns, depending on your business’ offerings and desired audience.